“Drink from the sacred centre of Polynesia and discover pure health & wellness in every drop – the kind Mother Nature intended you to have,”

Artesain water from the Soul of the South Pacific. Sourced from deep & ancient aquifers in pristine Savai’i and bottled on site. The water is untreated, filtered only using 20, 5, & 1 Micron filters, passes through a UV unit, then into the bottle. NO CHEMICAL ADDITIVES, enriched ONLY, by Mother Nature.

Bottle Artesian Water.

  • 450 feet above sea level.

  • Pump Submerged 36 feet of Water. (On an automatic timer, running 10hrs daily, pumping 30,000Ltrs per hour)

  • Underground Stream estimated at 8 miles long.

  • Test performed for 70 hour straight – pumping 12 ltrs per second = 3 million litres, NO recorded drop in water levels