APP INFRATECH Group are looking for suitable investors to join us in our Infrastructure Partnership between various governments and industry. We focus on the most interesting of projects at any point in time of seeking the most attractive risk-reward profile with a medium to long term investment horizon. We believe consistently excellent performance cannot be achieved through attempts at predicting the economy, interest rates or the property markets. Our investment process is entirely bottom-up and we follow a strict approach to our investment selection.

Our flexible multi-strategy investment approach aims at delivering consistent absolute returns. We concentrate on risk before focusing on returns and we pay more attention to what can go wrong (risk) as opposed to what can go right (return). Superior investment performance is not our primary goal, but rather superior performance with less-than-commensurate risk.

Through our research and deep engagement with policymakers and industry, APP INFRATECH Group seeks to capture best practice and advance complex reform options to drive up national economic prosperity and competitiveness. We act as a trustee for many infrastructure funds and investors, so we have a keen interest in that we facilitate infrastructure development which benefits the future of many countries.

Our passion is to protect and grow our client’s wealth with our vision to be a most trusted independent infrastructure facilitator manager. Our first preoccupation when investing is downside risk and avoiding capital impairment at all costs. As patient investors we only invest in projects with significant downside protection at attractive valuations below their intrinsic value

Major capital works presently seeking funding management are:
  • New International Airport

  • Seaport Design, Built, Operate and Funding model

  • Provision of Bus and Rail logistics Design, Built, Operate and Funding model

  • Infrastructure projects

  • Solar powerplant turnkey projects