APP INFRATECH is an Singapore industrial company focused on the investments and implementing renewable energy technology projects and energy-efficient solutions. We support the efficiency growth of our clients by developing and implementing modern engineering solutions. Our company brings superior innovation, experience and capabilities through in-depth knowledge of renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors and understanding of market dynamics.

The structure of our company includes some main business branches – investment, engineering and consulting.

APP INFRATECH, aiming at sustainable development and the most efficient use of natural resources, plans to implement several energy projects as an investor in the field of renewable energy. Our focus is on projects that are primarily related to the use of solar energy, and other renewable energy sources.

Now the business development team of APP Infratech Group thoroughly analyse and select investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy together with forming the portfolio of projects for 2020-2025.

APP Infratech engineering focused on turnkey project management and implementation of renewable energy projects. Our qualifications and professional experience allow us to perform projects of any complexity. We practice individual approach to each of its customers, aiming at the most effective problem solving and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

APP INFRATECH consulting department supports institutional and private clients. Our management team has vast experience in engineering and finance, which, combined with our hands-on renewable energy experience, as well as with the wide network of our industry partners worldwide, provides us with the necessary capacity and motivation to deliver high quality projects from inception to maturity.