Digital technologies impose tremendous transformation. Adopting digital sustains this transformative phase, improves operational efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability by increasing productivity, accelerating innovation, and delivering greater value.

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Infra Projects

App Infra Group focus its strategy and its range of solutions and services on innovation and R&D using this approach enables
us to address demographic and environmental challenges,devise tomorrows products and services.

Ports Design, Built, Finance, Operate and Transfer

Railways Consulting, Design, and Built

Solar Power Plant Design, Built, Finance, Operate and Transfer


Consumable products

App Infratech has developed a comprehensive product range and extensive network for the supply and procurement of fresh produce. Our commitment to quality, supply and innovation is backed up by our international procurement team. We strive to be our customer’s first choice for the procurement and supply of fresh produce world wide. Our mission is to surpass our customers
requirements and expectations at all times.

Infant formulae
Beer, rum and wine
Green produces
Natural Stone Flooring

We have a strong network of production sites, sales offices, R&D centers,
and more, operating at locations around the world.

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Software products

Through a full-scale blockchain development process, APP INFRATECH delivers high performance, scalable and secure end products. Let’s transform it into reality with our proprietary blockchain development framework. Leverage our paramount blockchain development services and unlock your business potential.

Our proprietary blockchain development framework helps us deliver top-notch development services spanning multiple fields including banking, finance, supply chain, healthcare, cryptocurrencies and more.

APP INFRATECH Digital ID (GPS Tracker) is our state of the art tracking device to provide real time tracking and connection with the loved one’s

Digital ID
Blockchain Technology
Emergency Health System
Robot Car Parking Technology
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